Design Inspiration - Martha O'Hara Interiors

I'm sure you're seen Martha O'Hara's design work all over the blogosphere but her work is so amazing I knew I had to feature her work.  I love the design work she did on this house, it's like she designed it with me in mind.  Enjoy the eye candy!

 I would have totally dismissed the wallpaper in the two bathrooms above, but don't they make a stunning statement.  It's high impact done well.
 A hint of yellow and red... genius

OMG look at the kitchen
I don't normally like a blue bedroom, but this is ultimate serene bedroom

I would LOVE LOVE to work here, I love the paint color.  Can you believe that it's the same paint in both rooms?

 Are you drooling yet?  Because I sure am.

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  1. Thanks so much for this fantastic post and for featuring our work on your blog. What an honor!

    1. Do you know what the grey paint color is in the last photo? The grey, white and fushia office?

    2. Martha O'Hara Interiors, thank you for stopping by my blog, your work is truly inspirational.

      Tanya, I believe the paint color is River Reflections 1552 by Benjamin Moore. (Martha O'Hara Interiors provided the paint color in Houzz)

  2. Very ventilated. I want this in our home, very beautiful. I can imagine if we have a house like this, such a cool feeling every time I wake up. :)

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    Cheers and hugs!

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