Design Inspiration - Villa Verai

Most hotels are run of the mill but sometimes you find one that knocks your socks off.  Villa Verai located in Phuket is one such place, I'm still drooling. 

 Wow, no words needed

 I would love to wake up to this view, the use of the glass railing is fantastic

 Monochromatic done well

 I would get on that treadmill

 Loving the mix of materials

Okay I need a vacation

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  1. Awesome! I never seen this type of place inspiration before in my life.. You doing such a great work to collect inspiration at one place.

  2. I would **probably** get on that treadmill too! Lol! Lovely photos!

  3. I wish my place looked like that!

  4. In my opinion glass railings is definitely a good idea only if you have a nice view awaiting you outside, but if not, then better have it into a wall. Well, what's great about hotels and resorts is that they provide you a nice place.

  5. One small correction - Villa Verai is a private residence, not a hotel.

  6. This is such a nice place to stay and spend some quality time with special one. Sea view and all decoration of rooms gives pleasure to eyes.

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