Luxe for Less - Lacquered Side Tables

The other day I ran into IKEA for some storage boxes and what did I spy, high gloss side tables.  If you've shopped in IKEA you know that their Lack series of furniture are very popular because of the look and the price.  Well IKEA has put a new spin on the series and have created some lacquered pieces in the Lack line.

 (Sorry - the photo was taken with my phone)

I'm in love with the gray side table and so course the red and white tables are not too shabby either.  The best part is the price $12.99 each piece.  Don't you just love IKEA?

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  1. Not all expensive materials are beautiful, even the cheap ones.,

  2. Yeah, it is ri8. It is not important that all the expensive things are good and all cheap things are bad, some products have that Midas touch with beautiful colors and design.

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