Girl Power!

Hope you had a great weekend! 

I'm finishing up my weekend watching the students from Oprah's Academy graduate, they make you want to do better and they also make me realize how good I've had it.

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Elegant DIY Wedding

I had the privilege of assisting with a DIY backyard wedding a couple of weeks ago. 
In total the decor cost less than $700.  The price does not include the table and chair rentals.

 Chair Covers gave regular folding chairs sophistication.  

We purchased them here, if you are planning an event, check them out, it's cheaper than renting.  They also have sales all the time.  I also used them for my daughter's sweet sixteen here.

The budget didn't allow for real flowers, so my niece & I created these centerpieces using faux roses from here .
They are so realistic that you really have to touch them to realize that they are faux flowers.

$700 well spent

My sister made the cake, didn't she do a great job.

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It's Pouring!

 So I went away for a week to here

 Came home to this.  @#$!*$%#@

My upstairs bathroom had a leak with ruined the bathroom upstairs and the family room below.

Dehumidifiers kicking out 120 degree heat, can you stay miserable in the summer?

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Design Inspiration - Martha O'Hara Interiors

I'm sure you're seen Martha O'Hara's design work all over the blogosphere but her work is so amazing I knew I had to feature her work.  I love the design work she did on this house, it's like she designed it with me in mind.  Enjoy the eye candy!

 I would have totally dismissed the wallpaper in the two bathrooms above, but don't they make a stunning statement.  It's high impact done well.
 A hint of yellow and red... genius

OMG look at the kitchen
I don't normally like a blue bedroom, but this is ultimate serene bedroom

I would LOVE LOVE to work here, I love the paint color.  Can you believe that it's the same paint in both rooms?

 Are you drooling yet?  Because I sure am.

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Appliance Revolt.... Grrrrrrr!!!!!!

OMG my appliances have turned on me... my washing machine (the devil) has finally died and my microwave/oven combo is halfway there.  The microwave has completely stopped working but it is fourteen years old so I really can't complain but now it means that I have to now replace the entire unit. (cha-ching)

The devil is a Whirlpool Duet Sport and is less than 6 years old but it's a front loader and from my experience totally unreliable.  That sucker has broken down numerous times since I bought it.  The sad thing is that it cost me a pretty penny and I feel like I've been bamboozled.  WHIRLPOOL IF YOU ARE LISTENING, STEP YOUR GAME UP.   If I'm spending over a grand on an appliance, I expect that bad boy to work.  Now I'm actively searching for a new machine and braving the laundromat (tears) with tons of clothes.

Does anyone out in blog land know of any really reliable front loaders?  If you do please let me know.

On a bright note I created my first YouTube video, the camera man (she shall not be named) was a little shaky but I think it came out okay.

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Design Inspiration - Villa Verai

Most hotels are run of the mill but sometimes you find one that knocks your socks off.  Villa Verai located in Phuket is one such place, I'm still drooling. 

 Wow, no words needed

 I would love to wake up to this view, the use of the glass railing is fantastic

 Monochromatic done well

 I would get on that treadmill

 Loving the mix of materials

Okay I need a vacation

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Full Bloom

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a Happy Easter and a great weekend.  My azaleas are in full bloom so I'm going to enjoy them because they don't bloom for long.

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Design Inspiration - Khachi

Happy Good Friday! 

 To start off your weekend, here's some eye candy from the Design Group Khachi. 

Isn't that backsplash to die for?

Loving the symmetry of this room

This ceiling is killer

Marble done right

Wishing everyone a joyful and peaceful Easter. 

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Free Paint

Well, the weekend is almost here.  Thank God!
When you're running around this weekend stop into Ace an pick up a free quart of paint.

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Powder Room - Thirty Dollars Update

Did you ever start a project that took forever to finish?  Well my powder room was that project for me.  I started the room way, way back when here.  I was dying for brown room but I after I painted it, I didn't love it but I kept it for at least a year thinking it would grow on me and it didn't. 

 After living with it for over a year, I still wasn't happy (the dang thing refused to grow on me). While I shopping in Walmart, I bought a gallon of discontinued paint for $4 (Can you believe that price?) and immediately I thought of my powder room.  Yes a plan was forming.

After painting, I loved the color but I felt it was missing something so tada, I thought why not use the stencil I used in the guest bedroom.  Stenciling the wall in the bedroom was easy compared to stenciling the bathroom.  I did a lot #^%$@# when I got to the corners and behind the toilet.  After three days (I took a lot of breaks), I was finally done and it's so worth it and the best part is I only spent $30 for the drastic change. Yes, $30, I love a good bargain.

Cost breakdown
Paint $4
Frames - $11 (I bought them at Michaels for $2.50 a piece when they had the $5 coupon)
Stencil - Free
Gold Paint Martha Stewart - $6
Shade - $8 - Target
Art Work - Free (made by me)

Doesn't my fake flowers look good? #Don'tjudgeme

 Loving my free artwork and my $2.50 Michael frames

Now this makes me happy so much better than the brown, what do you think?

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My entry into Show Me Extraordinary sponsored by Appliances Online and Bosch Washing Machines.

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Luxe for Less - Lacquered Side Tables

The other day I ran into IKEA for some storage boxes and what did I spy, high gloss side tables.  If you've shopped in IKEA you know that their Lack series of furniture are very popular because of the look and the price.  Well IKEA has put a new spin on the series and have created some lacquered pieces in the Lack line.

 (Sorry - the photo was taken with my phone)

I'm in love with the gray side table and so course the red and white tables are not too shabby either.  The best part is the price $12.99 each piece.  Don't you just love IKEA?

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Design Inspiration - Candice Olson

Last year, I did a post on Candice Olson's new series, "Candice Tells All".  Well, Season 3 has started up again.  Yes, Season 3, apparently Season 2 aired on HGTV and they didn't advertise it.  Sometimes, I don't think HGTV has focus groups or even remotely listen to their viewers, it actually should be called the House Hunters channel because the programming is packed up of those shows.  HGTV, if you're listening, more design less house hunting please?

I've set my DVR to record all the repeats of Candice Tells All and I've been catching the shows I've missed. As usual Candice delivered amazing rooms, here's a couple of rooms from the series that I fell in love with.  awww.... pure eye candy.

 After, don't you love the pendants lights?
Loving the contrast between the cabinets and counter tops .

 Now this is an office
I'm so feeling the mirrored cabinet, that's some fancy storage

 The ceiling treatment and the grass cloth wallpaper works will together in the room.

Wow, can you say DATED?

The After is so stunning, it makes you want to do a happy dance. 

  It's a timeless living room

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Valentine's Day Free Printables

Valentine's Day ahem Single Awareness Day is around the corner and I don't celebrate it but my babies do, so I created a dessert table for them this past weekend.

I created the entire table for less than $10. Since I'm not a baker, Duncan Hines was welcomed in my kitchen.  The table consisted of cupcakes, candy coated marshmallows, brownies, diy party popcorn and Rice Krispy treats.

One the easiest thing I made was the party popcorn.  It took less than a minute and tastes fantastic.  I found this recipe from Amy at She Wears Many Hats

I created all the Printables using the background from Sprik Space.  You're welcome to use them and they can be downloaded from here.  (non-commercial use only).

Junkie handmade projects
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