Budget Mood Boards - Bedroom

Furnishing a home is an expensive task but if you do a little research you can furnish a room with all new items on a budget.  This week I'll be sharing with you some mood boards, I created  with budget friendly prices.  I'm a firm believer that inexpensive decorating doesn't have to look cheap.

Below are two mood boards I created for the same bedroom.  While the paint color, bed and side table remained the same, I switched up the accessories.

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Design Inspiration - Candice Olson

Candice Olson is one of my favorite designers.  She always creates rooms that make you gasp.  
Her new show on HGTV is now rapping up it's first season but I really enjoyed it, if you didn't get a chance to to watch it, you should look out for the reruns.  

Here's a sampling of some of my favorite projects she did this season.

Isn't the tufted wall to die for?

The wood tiles over the fireplace is a genius idea.

This bedroom is pure sophistication.

This room with a mix of old and new pieces is fabulous!  Aren't the upholstered cane chairs fantastic.

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Luxe for Less - Dwell Studio Gate Fabric

I can't believe that I've been away this long, but what seemed like two weeks to me was nearly a month.  Lots of balls in the air and restless energy has taken over my life in the past month, but as with anything time waits for no one, hence the month long absence from my blog.
Enough about me, I was surfing my favorite fabric site, Tonic Living and found a fabulous deal.

This pattern is widely known as "Gate" or "Bella Porte" is the 100% cotton version rather than Cotton and Linen blend and is priced at $18.95 vs. the $42.00 price.

Crate and Barrel is currently selling a chair covered in this fabric for $900, if you're a DIYer you can upholster a chair for less than 1/3 the price of this chair.
So run on over to Tonic Living and remember that they do custom orders.

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