Bathroom Mood Board I

I'm knee deep in bathroom research and loving it. The choices available are so varied and plentiful and I know it's going to take a while for me to make a final decision however I created a mood board as a jumping off point.  I'm going for a timeless design since I'm never doing this again. :-)

  1. The Santiago Glass and Stone Mix Mosaic ($15 sq. ft) & Calacata Gold Porcelain Tile ($4 sq ft) from Floor and Depot Outlets is a great combo.  The porcelain tile looks so much like marble and it's a really good buy.
  2. This fabric from Tonic Living is great for shower curtain or a custom roman blinds and at $10 a yd it's a steal.
  3. I love lighting and this crystal pendant delivers from Overstock with a price of only $163.
  4. Who does love a great looking mirror?  This pearl beaded mirror priced at $135 will bring a sophiscated feeling to the bathroom.
  5. This bathroom vanity light has a Restoration hardware vibe to it but it cost only $84.
  6. Charcoal paint from Restoration Hardware is a nice neutral color.
  7. Last but definitely not least this Double-basin Marble Vanity  is a traditional classic vanity that will outlast all the trends and comes from my favorite site  for $1009 and the shipping cost is peanuts.

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