Missing in Action

Hola everyone, I'm still here.  I know it's been a while and I wish I could provide you photos of all of projects that I accomplished over the summer but alas I have nothing, nada, zilch and I feel fabulous!
Instead of working on home projects, I spent my summer here:
And here:
South Beach - Miami

Of course it was freaking roasting in the big apple during July and raining like crazy in Florida but we still had a great time.
My budding fashion designer became a real New Yorker over the summer, she took subways, buses, got food poisoning from a food truck, met friends and attended a summer class at FIT.  She's currently back in high school missing the hustle and bustle of NY.  Below are a couple of sketches of some of the collection she designed this summer. 

If you've sent me an email, rest assured that I'll get around to answering them and I apologize for not responding earlier.

Would you believe the house was mad and turned on me.  I returned home and .... ahem the stupid hot water heater decided to die and flooded the basement, Oh Joy!  I'll leave that story for another day.
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