A Fabulous Update for Seven Dollars!

A while back I purchased an Ikea sofa for $99, after adding a new slipcover and cushion stuffing the cost came to $190.  Here's a look back on my shopping adventure here.   Even though the sofa was okay, I thought it was a little boring so I decided to give it an upgrade but the cost had to be nominal.

1. Grosgrain ribbon & Stitch Witchery (Walmart) - $7.00
2. Lay the Stitch Witchery on the ribbon
3. To ensure that I had a same space between each ribbon, I used a ruler.
4. Following the instructions on the Stitch Witchery package, I fused the ribbon to the slipcover and Volia, FABULOUSITY!!!!!!

Not bad for $7.00, huh?

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  1. Looks great and what a bargain! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the contest. Good Luck!


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