Luxe for Less - Pottery Barn Eagan Mirror

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I'm always a sucker for a fabulous mirror which is strange because I try to avoid them if I can. I walked into Pottery Barn last year and saw the Eagan mirror and fell instantly in love until I saw the price and promptly got my heart broken.  As fantastic as this mirror is, I can't even imagine paying $699 for a mirror. 

I found this comparable mirror for 75% less than the PB one at Pier 1 for $149.99

You could also try to DIY it, here is a great tutorial from the Lettered Cottage.
 Although I would love to DIY such a project, I'm scared of circular saws and have had nightmares of chopping my fingers.  TMI ?

Lettered Cottage Knock-off Mirror

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  1. I came close to losing the tip of a finger with my circular saw - cut halfway through the bone. Suffice to say, I'm REALLY nervous around that sucker now.

  2. I have the same fear! All saws actually! haha
    I heart your blog! its great :)


  3. Thanks MalibuMarma. I want to conquer my fear because I have so many projects I would to tackle.


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