Luxe for Less - Dwell Studio Gate Fabric

I can't believe that I've been away this long, but what seemed like two weeks to me was nearly a month.  Lots of balls in the air and restless energy has taken over my life in the past month, but as with anything time waits for no one, hence the month long absence from my blog.
Enough about me, I was surfing my favorite fabric site, Tonic Living and found a fabulous deal.

This pattern is widely known as "Gate" or "Bella Porte" is the 100% cotton version rather than Cotton and Linen blend and is priced at $18.95 vs. the $42.00 price.

Crate and Barrel is currently selling a chair covered in this fabric for $900, if you're a DIYer you can upholster a chair for less than 1/3 the price of this chair.
So run on over to Tonic Living and remember that they do custom orders.

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  1. Love this fabric, I just picked out the same fabric for some roman shades in my office!

  2. I have a sample of this fabric sitting right here on my desk. Love it! And thank you again for introducing me to Tonic Living. I was doing a google search of Imperial Trellis fabric a month or so ago and landed on your post from February of last year about them. (I left a comment, but you probably didn't see it since the post was over a year old.) I've already placed two orders, and reupholstered a wing chair with their Vintage Blossom fabric. Their customer service is stellar, too.

  3. Leslie, I just ordered a sample, I'm thinking of making drapes, from them. Deb, I'm happy that you have had great experiences with Tonic Living, they are very responsive and inexpensive. By the way love your work, I've wanted to paint my cabinets in faux finish but I'm scared to tackle them since I live in laminate heaven.

  4. Aw, thanks for checking out my site :) The laminate would scare me, too. There are primers out there that supposedly bond well to laminates, but it would take a huge leap of faith that I just don't have.

  5. You will also find a desk chair with DwellStudio fabrics at Belle Chaise.


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