Luxe for Less - Wassily chair

If you're a fan of modern furniture, I have a deal for you.  The Wassily chair also called the Model B3 chair is an iconic Euro-modern piece which have graced the homes of the upper class and has a price to match.

The chair retails for $2,025.00 for here.  Okay if I was making Oprah money $2,000 wouldn't seem like a lot of money but I'm not so, $2000 seems like a crazy amount to drop on one chair. 
I was browsing through Overstock and found out a reproduction of this chair for only $228. 
Isn't that a incredible value for the price?  If you're looking a chair like this, head over now to Overstock to pick one up.

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  1. GREAT post! I keep hearing about coupons and how much people save but wasnt sure how to do it. In this economy and so many people out fo work I think this post will be helpful to many!


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