A Little Hollywood Glam Mood Board

Here's a little mood board I whipped up for a friend, she likes a little Glam in her decor but it has to be on a budget.  So I turned to two of my favorite sources, Overstock and Ebay.
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Luxe for Less - Food

Do you use coupons?  While I'm not an extreme couponer like those people on the TLC show, for the past couple of months I've been using coupons.  I've literally cut my food budget by over 60% which is great since I have a teenage son and we all know they eat like crazy.  I'm still waiting for the day when I will only pay $5.00 for a cart of stuff, but until then I'm dancing the jig when I leave the checkout..

Here's a recent Publix receipt, I skipped out of the store after saving $176.81.  
The Publix BOGO sales is great way to save money when you combine the coupons with the sale.

 Here's a Kroger receipt where I did even better and saved 76%.  

I have learned a couple of  tips the past few months.
1. Not all Sunday newspapers are created equal, normally on Holidays coupons are not included in the paper. Use this site to find out if coupons will be in your upcoming Sunday paper.  
2. The More the Merrier, in order to make a dent in your grocery bill you need to buy at least two Sunday newspapers or more.  You can also just buy the coupons for a small handling fee from a coupon clipping service like this one.
3. Combinations are the best, you can combine a store coupon and manufacturer coupon. You can also combine two coupons with a BOGO sale.
4. If your store doubles a coupon (normally Publix will double a 50 cents coupon) then a 50 cents coupon is worth more than  75 cents coupon.

The site I've found most helpful is Coupon Mom. She has a video on her site that gives a great tutorial. 
Do you have any more tips to offer regarding the use of coupons?

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Luxe for Less - Wassily chair

If you're a fan of modern furniture, I have a deal for you.  The Wassily chair also called the Model B3 chair is an iconic Euro-modern piece which have graced the homes of the upper class and has a price to match.

The chair retails for $2,025.00 for here.  Okay if I was making Oprah money $2,000 wouldn't seem like a lot of money but I'm not so, $2000 seems like a crazy amount to drop on one chair. 
I was browsing through Overstock and found out a reproduction of this chair for only $228. 
Isn't that a incredible value for the price?  If you're looking a chair like this, head over now to Overstock to pick one up.

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According to CNN, apparently Borders/Waldenbooks is getting ready to file for bankruptcy next week.
Normally when a company files for bankruptcy they don't honor previously purchased gift cards after they have filed, so if you have a gift card go spend it this weekend.  I'm heading out to pick up a couple of books and some shelter magazines. 
Happy Shopping!

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I Heart HomeGoods

I love HomeGoods, at least once a week I run in to take a look at the goodies they have.  You never know what you will find and the prices are inexpensive.  I was walking through the aisles today and loved the mirrors currently being sold.  You know I love a good mirror and even though they were calling me, I walked away, because I really don't need  another mirror. :(  It broke my heart.  Anyway if have a HomeGoods close to you, stop by and pick up a mirror.

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Underwater no scuba gear - Advise Needed

I agonized about writing this post since I try to keep my blog light but the more I thought it about it, the more I knew that someone out in blog land would have the same situation and maybe some advise for me.
A couple of weeks ago I checked Zillow.com, a real estate website that lists suggested appraisal values for homes along with real estate listings and I was shocked to see that my house value dropped again to an all time low.

According to Zillow, in the past three years my house value has dropped 30%.  It's really a sick feeling to know that I'm paying a mortgage on an asset that depreciating faster than a car value.  When I purchased my house some years ago I saved my hard earned money by cutting out the non essentials and putting down a sizable down payment.  Now all the money I invested is gone and I'm now underwater. It really hurt to write that.

I know countless people are in the same situation but it is still a SUCKY situation.  It seems like my house value will  probably take a long time to even get back to the value it was three years ago.  So for the past weeks I've been mad at my house, yup I've been upset at my house aka the money pit for weeks.

I know I've rambled on but here's my current issue, do I sink money into a house that's losing value by the minute or only do routine maintenance?  I seriously have a couple of rooms that are begging for a renovation.  Would I be throwing good money after bad or it is worth it to remodel  during this housing crisis.
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