A Hint of Red

Red can be an intimidating color to decorate with but you don't need a lot of red for a room to read red.
If you want a room with red in it and you're hesitant to paint your walls since repainting red walls is no joke, start first with some red accessories.
I created this mood board for a friend who wanted a room with a little pop of red.
Do you have some red in your house?

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Design Inspiration - Clive Christian

Welcome, to all my visitors from Better After, thanks for stopping by my blog.  Feel free to poke around.

I was surfing the internet the other day and I saw the following rooms from Clive Christan, apparently these pieces are for the very very rich.  
Since I can't afford this stuff, it can serve as eye candy. 

Okay the statue is kind of creepy and over the top but other than that, this kitchen is luxurious and classic.
The coffered ceiling with the two chandeliers is fantastic.

This kitchen is truly a great mix of old and new, isn't the island luscious?

This bedroom looks like really high end hotel presidential suite.  Do you see how the TV is built in the bed?

This is my favorite room, from the tufted upholstered wall panels, crown moldings, to the sofas, this room hits it out the park. 
 This would be a great place to curl up and watch HGTV.

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Adore Home Magazine

Okay, I might be coming to the party late, but I just got a look at Adore Home magazine and can I say, it's fantastic.  

Adore Home Magazine is Australia's first online only home and lifestyle magazine and it's chock full of design eye candy from homes all over the world.

The summer issue (yup it's summer there) has elegant rooms from the Hamptons 

To sophisticated country rooms in South Australia

To bright and vibrant in Kuala Lampur. Are you gasping yet?

And resources where can you get all the items to make your house fabulous.

Take a trip over to Adore magazine and click on the read tab, it's well worth a look.
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Transforming a Dollar Store candle

When I was working on my daughter's party, I was looking for ways to create cheap but beautiful party decor.  I knew I wanted to use candles on the tables, but I wanted them to look chic  but chic can sometimes mean expensive and my budget was tight.
I was in the dollar store when inspiration struck.  Why not use the plain white prayer candles that sells for $1 or less?

I purchased the candles for $1each, you can find them at the dollar or convenience stores and supermarkets across the country. They should look something like this picture below.

I, then printed a monogram on vellum paper, that I created for free from wedding chicks.

Then I cut the paper to the size of the candle and attached it using double stick tape 
and Voila Beautiful Personalized Candles for a cost of $1.10 each !!

Junkie handmade projects

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Snow Day in Atlanta!

No words needed.....

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To all the folks in the blogland, HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I wish everyone a great and prosperous 2011.

My sister who lives in Jamaica, emailed me to tell me that the HGTV featured my living room here.
I hightailed over to HGTV.com to see the featured article and I was giddy with excitement to see that my room (photo 4) was in the same article as Sarah Richardson's work.  OMG!!!  My daughter & I had a victory dance to celebrate.

I love love love Sarah's work so this really made my day, week, month and heck maybe year.
Emily Henderson, the new design star was also featured in the same article.

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