Updating a Powder Room - Part II

Last year I decided to update my powder room, well heck I was forced to.  Are you just a little curious as to why I was forced to?  If you're slightly interested or nosy like me check out my earlier post here.

My powder room started out like this.

It currently looks like this

I decided to paint the room chocolate brown since the tiles were white and I've always wanted a brown room.  You'll notice that I reused the mirror and just sprayed it white. 

I'm still not finished... right now that makes three unfinished projects but who the heck is counting.

I think I'm off to great start, what do you think?

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Good Finds

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted, after surviving pink eye, sinus infection and hives (I'm telling you I was falling apart) I'm happy to be back posting and healthy.

The other day I was surfing the web and saw this beautiful glass terrarium but at $79 it was way way way out of the budget.

A couple of days later when I browsing through my local Tuesday morning store what did I see on clearance... a glass pear terrarium for $11.99.  Don't you just love a  bargain?

While I'm not sure where it will end up in my house, I know for sure a plant won't be in it as I tend to kill plants just by passing by them. yup I have a black thumb.

Isn't it beautiful?  If you live close to a Tuesday morning, go browsing you'll never know what you can find.

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Things I'm feeling right now

I'm a sucker for KW's imperial trellis pattern.  Are these hand lined envelopes great?
Schumacher and Dempsey & Carroll have joined forces to create these limited-edition stationery.
It's a pricey, check it out at www.dempseyandcarroll.com

Isn't this a hip light fixture? One of my favorite stores ZGallerie delivers again.  This would look great in a contemporary setting.

As I said before I currently have a slight obsession with the imperial trellis pattern (ok, maybe a big obsession), isn't this a clever little ottoman from the Cindy Crawford from her collection at JCPenney's and the price is just right - $150.

This little geometric bench is from Jeff Lewis's new collection from QVC.  A pair of these benches would great under a console desk or at bottom of the bed.

Did any of these tickle your design fancy?
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RMS Mood Board

A RMS user requested some help with her living room.  I think her room is off to a great start don't you?
I've added some accessories that I think will complete her room if she keeps her rug. :-)

1. Mirror - Z Gallerie  - This mirror is a classic and will give this room a great impact and won't compete with the rug.
2. Window Panels - Ikea - These panels are modern and long enough to cover those vertical blinds plus with a $40 price for two panels you can't beat the price.
3. Ottoman - Overstock  - This ottoman is great as a coffee table.  The open bottom won't close the space in.  It's a great place to store remotes, magazines or even a laptop and can serve for extra seating in a pinch.
4. Side Table - Target  - These inexpensive side tables will be a great addition to the room.
5. Orchid - Kohls - I love an orchid and if you can get a real one to grow getting a red one would definitely make a room pop.  If you're like me..."black thumb girl" this orchid would get the job done.
6. Lamps - Walmart - The lamp is beautiful and would complement the room, plus the price is up my alley.

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Great cure for a windowless room

Happy Monday! This Monday began as most mornings do other than the fact that I contracted pink eye. @#$#%$ seriously? So no going into the office for me for at least three days but since I have my work laptop, no rest for the weary. Since I'm hanging out in my room with the shades down I remembered that I wanted to do a post on a windowless room. If you have a basement, you probably have a room that has no windows and while lighting or a feature wall such as a brick wall can make the wall interesting it still doesn't make up for the lack of windows.

I was browsing in Bloomies the other day and saw this mock of a room and loved it.
Wouldn't this be a great wall treatment for a basement room?

With the curtains on the side doesn't it look like real windows?
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Luxe for Less - Imperial Trellis Fabric

Last year I fell in love with Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis designs.  You know you're a design nut or need some excitement in your life when you can fall in love with a home decor fabric.  But I just couldn't help it until I saw the price of the fabric.....my poor little heart was broken instantly. sigh  While I still heart the design I couldn't justify paying that amount of money for fabric.

So I started looking for a comparable fabric that would give me the same effect and of course Google had the answer (isn't he great, my kids think I'm crazy for thinking the search engine is a person, but come on he knows everything).  Tonic Living located in Canada has comparable imperial trellis fabric called garden trellis and for less than $10 a yard.  It isn't exactly the same but it's darn close. Isn't that a bargain?

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