Good Finds

I was in my local Target shopping and noticed that they're putting all their college stuff on clearance at 75% off.  Where can you get a comforter for $5?  So if you have children or a college student these are great buys especially since XL Twin sheets can be difficult to find.   The sizes range from twin to queen.
So run over to your local Target to see if they are on sale there too. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Damn thats a good, wish I could part take (smh)

  2. I love your blog and awesome research and tips you have. I am currently decorating my small junior 1 BR in Ny and really want mirrored furniture. It is so expensive. Also tricky to find nice kind that does not look cheap. Any advice? Your home looks amazing btw - esp knowing your budget!

  3. Anonymous, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry for responding so late. Where in NY are you? Mirrored furniture can be very expensive but keep checking Craigslist, the internet (Overstock has really good prices)and I'm sure you will find something. I found my mirrored furniture in my bedroom in Homegoods on sale, so don't give up.

    My advise is to take your time and decorate, don't rush it. It's really all about layering, so start with the big ticket items and then gather the other pieces as you go along. Just remember to shop for quality items on sale. Also check the furniture outlet stores, most of the larger furniture stores have their own clearance centers, if you have one in your area stop by once a week to see what they have.

    Good luck


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