A Bump in the Road

I know this blog is mainly dedicated to home decor and design and I try to keep my ramblings to myself but I felt compelled to share.

Three years ago my son had a health scare, one of those scary health issues that makes your heart pound, cause you sleepless nights and have you crying in shower.  It started out innocent enough, with a throat ache which I thought was strep but after we went to the pediatrician's office, right away I knew something was up when three doctors converged on the room.  You know something is wrong with a doctors are readily available because they love to make you wait.  The thing that bothers me to this day that they didn't mention anything they just made me an appointment with a specialist saying they just wanted a throat specialist to take a look at it.

I can't tell you how my heart sunk when a drove to the specialist and pulled in the parking lot and saw a HUGE sign on the building indicating it was a Cancer Center. It still gives me the willies just thinking about how I felt walking into that building and I know my little man was scared as heck too when he saw the sign on the building.  After numerous blood tests and MRIs we found out that it was mono.  We still don't know where the heck he picked mono from but we were so happy to have skirted the big C we didn't care.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, my son woke up at 4 am to massive headache. Normally a headache wouldn't bother me but he said that he couldn't see out of one eye.  That scared the crap out of me.  Of course my mind went back the Cancer scare we had three years and started it racing to crazy scenarios like what if it wasn't mono and something serious and the doctors missed something three years ago?  After numerous tests in the past couple of weeks he was diagnosed with severe migraine headaches. Phew, Thank God.

So I'm thankful of my blessings but my heart goes out to all the moms and dads who are dealing with seriously sick children.  While I only had a tiny bump in the road and a month of sleepless nights, there are many folks out there who will lose their precious babies to illness.  Please keep all these families in your prayers, you can also make a donation to St. Judes here.

We're now back to homework and hair issues.

My little man started the summer like this:

And ended the summer like this:

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  1. Ah, reading your blog, I was so happy to read that he is ok. Really great news & he looks adorable in his suit! Karen

  2. Karen, Thanks for your kind comments. Would you believe that suit cost $20 from Macys? The original price was $150.

  3. what a cutie!! your story is so scary and heartbreaking, too, because i know so families are struggling with sick children. thank God it wasn't serious, and thank God for insurance!!

  4. Thanks Dayka, I'm so happy he's okay and Thank God I didn't have to worry about insurance. I can't imagine living through that and worrying about health insurance too. I just received a copy of the MRI bill and it was $2700, if I didn't have insurance that would have been a bitter pill to swallow.


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