Luxe for Less - Imperial Trellis Bedding

The Imperial Trellis pattern can be seen in everyday design.  It's a fabulous look and can be used in many different design styles.

The imperial trellis window panels and roman shades gives this living room designed by Brown Design a fabulous pop.

The wallpaper above featured on Kelly's Wearstler's site, gives the room a powerful punch of design.

The only thing wrong with this fabric and wallpaper is it's price. At over $100 a yard it's very very expensive. Did I mention it was expensive?

If you wanted to create bedding with an imperial trellis fabric the price of over $100 a yard would definitely be a deterrent. I was shopping for school supplies in Target when I saw that Target created a knock off pattern and created bedding.  The bedding set looks great.  I'm trying to figure out where in my house I can use it.  

Most of all the price is amazing, for $99 you get a 10 piece bedding set.  
Yeah Target!!

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  1. Love the bedding. I found the black & cream here at Home Sense in Canada! Question for you: with that colour of bedding, what would you do for a window treatment? I need drapes but haven't a clue what colour, pattern (or no pattern) to go with..! Please help!
    Clueless in Canada

  2. Hi Clueless in Canada, Thanks for stopping my blog. Since the pattern has a such a large impact, you could use a solid cream panels for the drapes or if you what a little extra punch adding one vertical black ribbon running down the drape would incorporate both colors. It would also depend on your current room color, if it's white then the cream might not work. Hope this helps, if you need anything help just drop me an email.


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