Mural Love -- Saying Goodbye

When I moved in my house, my kids were 5 and 7 and shared a room. Since they were different sexes we picked the wall mural below for the room.   Now that they're teenagers and no longer in the same room, we're finally getting rid of the mural.  Removing it from the wall is bitter sweet, but kids grow up and design changes all the time.. So bye, bye mural it was great.

This is the actual wall mural on the wall.

How many times have you changed the decor in your children's room and was it hard to face the fact that they were growing up? 

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  1. Wow! Okay, 1st of all, you DO NOT look old enough to have TEENAGERS! And wow that must have been a cool room to grow up in! What are you going to do with the room now? My 3 boys (Ages 10, 8 and 3)wanted to be in one room, so the other room could be a dedicated playspace, but now my 10 year old is asking to have his OWN room. Ugh. At least I hadn't full on decorated either yet.

  2. Cara, Thanks for the compliment which is great since I'm a year from the big 40. shhhh don't tell anybody hahahaha. Not sure what I'm going to do with the room now, I'm going to try to give him at chance to create the room he wants. Wow, three boys.. I only have one and he has so much energy it's task to reign it in, I can't imagine three of him.


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