Bedroom Mood Board

I know it's been a while since I posted but I'm still here.   :)  I've been busy getting the kids ready for school which starts next week. I don't know why school starts so early in the south, can school start after labor day?  I have to agree with my kids, "It's sucks".

 Below is a mood board that is to be used in conjunction with this mood board  that was created for my sister's living room.  I'm a firm believer that you should always take in consideration how one room reveals into the next and plan your design accordingly. For this mood board I went with the same soothing colors but I also used numerous graphic patterns in the bedding and pillows that can be easily updated from year to year.


Do you think that it's important in design how each room reveals unto the next room or it shouldn't really matter?
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Living Room - Mood Board III

Here's the final mood board that I created for my sister's living room.

I'm adding the product information just in case you're curious about any of the pieces.

1.       This Fioretto fabric with its fabulous graphic pattern will be used to make pillows to spread around the room and for $25 a yard, they're definitely doable.  Use the link in the comments section to see them as curtains, they’re divine.  Erika from BluLabel Bungalow provided the link, thanks Erika.
2.       I thought long and hard about the lighting for the room and finally chose this chandelier from one of my favorite online stores.  With the crystal and barrel shade its perfect combination of traditional and contemporary design.
3.       These curtains are inexpensive with the subtle colors this curtain can be used in many different rooms.
4.       Isn’t this cowhide ottoman to die for?  Love it and the price isn’t outrageous.
5.       Don’t use just love a wing back chair, with the white leather and modern styling this would be a good place to curl up and read a book but it could easily cleaned.
6.       Okay, I’m a little obsessed with sunburst mirrors and this one delivers… isn’t it delicious.
7.       Art is always an integral part of designing a room.  These two pieces of art will compliment the room nicely.
8.       This Emmett sofa is a beautiful piece of furniture that is down filled and comfy.  I could definitely see hanging out watching TV or taking a nap during rainy days.

I love the mix of textures, what do you think?

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My New Crush

So I'm a handbag and shoe lover.  I had my eye on this bootie for months and I finally got it and for less than 50% of the original price... Yeah!!!

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Hotel Inspiration - Palazzo Tornabuoni

I haven't done a hotel inspiration post in a long time but when I saw this hotel I couldn't pass it up.  Palazzo Tornabuoni is a private residence club located in Italy and is part of the Four Seasons family.

I love these two-tone club chairs above, they're classic but the black and white gives them a contemporary vibe.  They can work in any space.

I love the way the colors in the fireplace are used throughout the room.

The mix of the old and new is delicious, combining the crystal chandelier with the red barrel shade chandelier is genius.  Are you drooling yet?  I sure am.

This open concept space is a great example of how to design an open space right.  Every room works in harmony, even the all stainless steel kitchen in the back of the room works well. 

The bathroom is also a star, do you see how the floor reflects in the bathtub.. fabulous!!!

And of course the bedroom doesn't disappoint.  I would love to stay a couple of days in this place.
Did you see anything you liked?

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Mural Love -- Saying Goodbye

When I moved in my house, my kids were 5 and 7 and shared a room. Since they were different sexes we picked the wall mural below for the room.   Now that they're teenagers and no longer in the same room, we're finally getting rid of the mural.  Removing it from the wall is bitter sweet, but kids grow up and design changes all the time.. So bye, bye mural it was great.

This is the actual wall mural on the wall.

How many times have you changed the decor in your children's room and was it hard to face the fact that they were growing up? 

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