The Perils of Mowing

I really dislike yard work not so much for the work but for the freaking bugs, ants, worms and mosquitoes, etc.... Eck...
However even the insects won't stop me from mowing the lawn, because I refuse to pay someone to mow the lawn when I can easily do it.  (yup I'm cheap)

Two days ago I was mowing the lawn and I saw a visitor slithering in my lawn.

Yup, a SNAKE... WTH????

After doing my fair share of screaming and running away from the scene of horror, I came back to finish mowing the grass with a bat in my hand.... trust me I know I looked like a fool and my neighbor probably thought I was CRAZY, but heck, I needed a weapon just in case my visitor came back.

Now, I'm not really feeling my backyard, which sucks.

Have you ever came face to face with a snake in your yard?
Is there something I can spray to keep them out of my yard? :(
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  1. google sulfer ( hope I spelled it right) When I was growing up down South my grandfather would put this around the house out side to keep the snakes away. I think its like a powder. Hope I helped! : )

  2. Thanks so much. I'm going out to get some.


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