Design Inspiration - Marble Love

I love the classic look of a marble bathroom.  Here are a couple of my favorites from The Tile Shop.

Which one is your favorite?

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The Perils of Mowing

I really dislike yard work not so much for the work but for the freaking bugs, ants, worms and mosquitoes, etc.... Eck...
However even the insects won't stop me from mowing the lawn, because I refuse to pay someone to mow the lawn when I can easily do it.  (yup I'm cheap)

Two days ago I was mowing the lawn and I saw a visitor slithering in my lawn.

Yup, a SNAKE... WTH????

After doing my fair share of screaming and running away from the scene of horror, I came back to finish mowing the grass with a bat in my hand.... trust me I know I looked like a fool and my neighbor probably thought I was CRAZY, but heck, I needed a weapon just in case my visitor came back.

Now, I'm not really feeling my backyard, which sucks.

Have you ever came face to face with a snake in your yard?
Is there something I can spray to keep them out of my yard? :(
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Living Room - Mood Board II

I'm working with my sister on her living room remodel, here's the second mood board I whipped up for her.

1. This West Elm upholstered slipper chair is a beautiful accent chair and will tie the room together.
2. This mirror is a classic and will make the room seem more bigger.
3. Isn't this sofa amazing?  I love a high back sofa with low arms, it means your neck with never suffer and you can plop a pillow on the arms and take a nap.
4. You always need a little bling in any room and this mirror is perfect with it's mid-century modern feel it will be fabulous over the the sofa as art.
5. Awww paint, the cheapest way to make a drastic change, I love this color paint from the Martha Stewart line called Bedford Gray.  Gray used to be viewed as a depressing color but used right it's modern and sophisticated.
6. Ikea always delivers and this piece of art is serene and interesting at the same time and will be a great conversational piece.
7. The fabric from Robert Allen will give the room the punch of yellow without overwhelming the room.
8.  This black chandelier has high impact and will be a show stopper in the room.
9.  This graphic pillow will go really well with pillows made from the Robert Allen fabric.
10. This ottoman could double as seating and a coffee table but will not take away attention from the stunning sofa because of it's clean lines.
11.You would think a transparent table lamp would be boring, but with the modern shape and barrel shade this lamp can work for many years to come.

I'm feeling the yellow and gray right now... what do you think?

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Design Inspiration - Househunters

If you watch House Hunter's remember this apartment?
Isn't the color combo fab?  
Talk about taking risks.

You can check out more pictures at this website or even rent the apartment if you're lucky to be heading to Paris.

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How Time Flies ---- Congratulations T

My nephew graduated from high school a week ago.  

I remember when he loved his bottle more than anything.

I remember the countless Halloween costumes, he used to scale walls when he had this costume on. Spiderman had nothing on him. :)

I remember him going off to middle school on his first day, needless to say this was last time we ever took a first day picture.  After that he was too cool to take that picture.

I also remember when he shorter than his mom.

But time flies and he's now ready for the next phase in his life.
Congratulations Todd on your high school achievements, we're so very proud of you.

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Walkway over the Hudson

On my recent trip l visited Walkway over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie.  It's a pedestrian bridge spanning the Hudson river.  The view is spectacular, if you're ever in the area it's a must see. 

The bridge is actually a State Historic Park.

If you walk the entire bridge it's around two and half miles.

Facing North, can you see all the way up the valley.

Facing South, you get a great view of the Mid-Hudson Bridge

It was a really great experience, I would love it see in the fall, can you imagine the colors?

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Old Houses

Hi, it's been a whirlwind couple of weeks and I've been very busy.  To top it off I had to ship my laptop to be fixed so no blogging for me.  I've attended my nephew's high school graduation (it's amazing how time flies, it felt like I was just watching him take his first steps yesterday).  I've driven 2500 miles through 9 states in the past two weeks. I now need a vacation from my vacation.

One of my stops was Poughkeepsie, NY located in the lower Hudson Valley.  They have amazing homes and a lot of them are over 100 years old.  Are you drawn to a older home or new construction?
Here are some of the homes I liked, do you like any of the ones below?

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