Using Fabrics in Design - Robert Allen

I'm always very hesitant in using any patterned or colorful fabrics when a decorate a room.  When the wrong fabric is selected the results can be disastrous.  

Look how the fabric transforms these Sarah Richardson room.

Aren't these wing chairs from C R Laine scrumptious?  The fabric actually makes the regular wing chairs extraordinary pieces of furniture.

If you scared to select fabrics for your home, Robert Allen has created a design studio.  It gives you numerous combinations of fabrics that work really well together.

Here's a sampling of what the design studios offers:

Are the combinations great?
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  1. Yes fabulous all of them, but prefer the Terrain most of them all

  2. Tonia, Aren't they all fabulous? I'm loving the Hydrangea, which is very strange since I'm so not a blue person.

  3. I agree that a bold print is fabulous! When done right it creates design magic! And too often people are terrified to do it, but if they take the leap, it will be the one thing that takes their breath away- like those wing chairs!


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