An Unexpected Gift

Normally during last month of the quarter my work load at my job is crazy and I work at least 13 hours a day for my day job and being a single parent there is also my 24 hours a day parenting job.  By the end of the quarter I just want to crawl into the bed and sleep for a couple of days.  

On Tuesday evening when I was settling in for another long night, my friend called to asked if I wanted to go the Alicia Keys concert that night.  Even though I was tired, and still had work on my desk (at the time she called it was 6:00 pm and the concert started at 7:30 pm), I jumped at the chance and went with her to concert.

It was a great concert and I really enjoyed it plus we had really good seats. Thanks Audrey, you're the best.

Of course the next day I was back on the grind but my steps were lighter and I was way more relaxed.   It just reminded me that sometimes I must take a break in order to refresh my spirit and mind.  Do you take a break from your daily grind on a regular basis or do you keep going?

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  1. omg, were you right in the front, or what??? fun times.

  2. We were very close, the seats were great!!! That was a heck of a gift.


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