Ikea - Love

I used to shop at Ikea in my twenties, wow I feel old just saying that  but  for various reasons (see below) I stopped shopping at Ikea.
1. The GW bridge was a pain in the butt to cross. (my Ikea was in NJ but I lived in NY).
2. New Jersey turnpike traffic could be teeth grinding and stressful.
3. Mostly importantly, let's face it, some the furnishings 15 years ago were not well made.

But I've rediscovered Ikea again and it's so much better than I remembered.
If you're not ready to buy any of their furniture... check out the other stuff that they carry and get ready to fall in love with Ikea.
Here are a couple of things that I'm crushing on.

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  1. love the picture--clearly i'm due for a trip!

  2. Isn't Ikea full of surprises? Plus since the Atlanta one is located in Atlantic Station, you can hang out in the area all day.


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