Bedroom Makeover Part IV - Dresser Makeover

So I'm still in the process of working on my bedroom makeover.  I'm sure I should be finished by now, but I've decided not to rush it and take my time, plus I have design ADD so what I like today, I might not like it tomorrow.

I was going to buy a new furniture but I've inspired by Dayka from Life and Style and Kate from Centsational Girl  to revamp old furniture.  These women do amazing things with pieces that most people would pass up or throw away.

I found this dresser at my local Goodwill.  (Please forgive my son's junk in the photo.)  I think it will fit perfectly in my room, the only thing holding me back is my design ADD.  Should I paint it a glossy white or refinish and stain.  What do you think?

Since this is my first time refinishing a piece of furniture, do you have any tips to make the job easier?
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  1. Obviously this is a problem in front of people that, what should they purchase that can be forever and can not be out dated.

  2. Yes, this is definitely an issue, that's why now I try to purchase pieces that are classic pieces that can transitioned from year to year.

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  4. this is a great, mid-century modern piece! take your time and decide what direction you're going with your son's room before touching it, though. since this is your first time, you may want to paint, since it's a bit easier. any color would look great!

    thanks for the shout, too!

  5. I've read some of their post already and I agree with you, they really did some great jobs regarding the renovation of old stuffs. They are all very inspirational and give you good ideas to make one for yourself. I'm looking forward with the finish product of your cabinet. Hope it will turned out as what you want.

  6. Both refinishing and painting furniture can be challenging, but so worth the effort. I consider refinishing bit easier - use a stripper to remove the old, brush or rag apply a stain if you want a different color and apply a clear coat. With paint, make sure you use a good quality brush, roller and/or sponge applicator. I like to have all three on hand because you don't want any brush marks and depending upon whether a flat surface or contoured, you'll need the right tool. Make sure to sand it down to get all the gloss of the existing finish gone and create some 'tooth' to the existing finish to accept a paint. Also keep some sand paper on hand for use between paint coats because you may need to sand away some brush marks. Apply a clear coat when done - whatever sheen you want to help protect the paint. I have friend who did a beautiful black table with a semi-gloss sealer and it took her seven paint applications to get it showroom quality- but boy, it was gorgeous! Have fun!


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