Ikea - Love

I used to shop at Ikea in my twenties, wow I feel old just saying that  but  for various reasons (see below) I stopped shopping at Ikea.
1. The GW bridge was a pain in the butt to cross. (my Ikea was in NJ but I lived in NY).
2. New Jersey turnpike traffic could be teeth grinding and stressful.
3. Mostly importantly, let's face it, some the furnishings 15 years ago were not well made.

But I've rediscovered Ikea again and it's so much better than I remembered.
If you're not ready to buy any of their furniture... check out the other stuff that they carry and get ready to fall in love with Ikea.
Here are a couple of things that I'm crushing on.

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Luxe for Less - Candle Lantern

Lanterns are great accessories to any room, they can also be very expensive.
Take a look at three different price points below for similar lanterns.

First up, Crate and Barrel's Zinc Hurricane  - $79.95

Secondly, JCPenny's Linden Street Old Fashion Lantern - $19.99

Thirdly, Ikea's Borrby's Lantern - $6.99

Aren't the price differences vast from one retailer to the other?  Got to love Ikea!!!

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Bedroom Makeover Part IV - Dresser Makeover

So I'm still in the process of working on my bedroom makeover.  I'm sure I should be finished by now, but I've decided not to rush it and take my time, plus I have design ADD so what I like today, I might not like it tomorrow.

I was going to buy a new furniture but I've inspired by Dayka from Life and Style and Kate from Centsational Girl  to revamp old furniture.  These women do amazing things with pieces that most people would pass up or throw away.

I found this dresser at my local Goodwill.  (Please forgive my son's junk in the photo.)  I think it will fit perfectly in my room, the only thing holding me back is my design ADD.  Should I paint it a glossy white or refinish and stain.  What do you think?

Since this is my first time refinishing a piece of furniture, do you have any tips to make the job easier?
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Seriously What The Hell?

Hi, I'm back!  Well I was never really gone but I took some time off blogging to hang out with my twin sister (she was visiting from NY), my nephew and of course my two babies during the spring break.  The weather was fabulous and we really had a good a time hanging out. I miss her already! sniff.

 I also had some time to clean up my email and one of my friends sent me this website... www.spokeo.com.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with folks, not only does it show your address, it also shows financial info etc.
I like the internet but can I have some privacy?  Nobody needs psychos stalking them.  I'm in the process of trying to get my info and most importantly my teenage daughter off the dang site.

Check out the site and tell me what you think?  Shouldn't it be named spooky.com?
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Overstock Chairs

I really LOVE Overstock, I usually browse the site at least once a week since, you never know what you're going to find.  Check out these chairs that they're currently selling, love them.

This chair is a little pricey, ok a lot pricey, but isn't it fabulous with it's imperial pattern?

This funky chair would great in a library or a living room.  Love the nail heads.

This chair would look great in a contemporary or a traditional room.  With nail heads and tufting, it's a hit.

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An Unexpected Gift

Normally during last month of the quarter my work load at my job is crazy and I work at least 13 hours a day for my day job and being a single parent there is also my 24 hours a day parenting job.  By the end of the quarter I just want to crawl into the bed and sleep for a couple of days.  

On Tuesday evening when I was settling in for another long night, my friend called to asked if I wanted to go the Alicia Keys concert that night.  Even though I was tired, and still had work on my desk (at the time she called it was 6:00 pm and the concert started at 7:30 pm), I jumped at the chance and went with her to concert.

It was a great concert and I really enjoyed it plus we had really good seats. Thanks Audrey, you're the best.

Of course the next day I was back on the grind but my steps were lighter and I was way more relaxed.   It just reminded me that sometimes I must take a break in order to refresh my spirit and mind.  Do you take a break from your daily grind on a regular basis or do you keep going?

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