Target Mood Board

I have a friend who loves loves loves Target. Did I say she loved Target?  If I call her on a Saturday or Sunday, 75% of the time she's in Target.  She thinking about redoing her living room and I thought what if the entire room was decorated with only Target products.
She loves blue and I think that this soothing blue would look great in the room.

Here's the mood board I whipped up for Target's best customer:

1. This Home Fretwork Rug is a good start for the room. Even though it's monochromatic, the raised pattern gives it just enough interest and elegance.

2. I firmly believe every room needs a little bling and this mirror definitely delivers. Since the mirror only costs $80 the price is well worth it.

3. This side table is a great piece with clean lines.  The drawer will be a good place to store small things.   For a $100 it's a great buy.

4.  This lamp also has a little bling with a shape that is very modern and takes up little visual space.

5. Ottoman's are such versatile pieces, this leather ottoman also includes storage and doubles as a coffee table and extra seating.

6. This Manhattan TV stand with its clean lines is a perfect fit to this living room, it can hold all the stereo components and books if need be.

7. Isn't this pillow darling?  With its intricate scroll work, two of these would look great on the brown sofa giving it a punch of design.

8. Two of these stripes slipper chairs won't take up too much space and the stripes gives the room some color without overwhelming the room.

9. The leather sofa is a classic and will last for years to come.  It will anchor the room and provide ample seating and a nice place to snuggle or take a nap.

What do you think; isn't Target a good place place to shop?
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  1. you KNOW target is a good place to shop! if i could only do one store for everything, it would have to be super target (not that there are that many place to use). i found a mirror like that a few years back in seattle, but it was too big to get home. love this option.

  2. I love Target too and I have a Super Target close to me so I'm lucky.


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