Design Inspiration - Mr & Mrs Smith - Part I

A couple of days ago I was flipping through the channels trying to escape the Bachelor. I mean even when the season is finished the producers still try to find a way to prolong the agony and suck you back in.  After Jake picked Vienna (not that she's bad person, but I think she's a little too young to be divorced and looking for husband number 2), I was seriously baffled and it’s going to take me a while to watch that show again.  I can only say that some men really don’t know what they want.  I think most of those Bachelor and Bachelorettes folks need Patti, Bravo's matchmaker to help them make better decisions.

Oops, forgive me that little rant, let me back on topic.  While surfing the channels, I saw that Mr. & Mrs. Smith was on and couldn't resist watching it.   While the movie was okay, the house was the star for me, it was FABULOUS.  I couldn't even watch the house destruction scenes; it was tragic, I tell you, Tragic!

While the house had a traditional facade, the interior was a great mix of traditional and contemporary furnishings.
Using the house as inspiration I'm going to be doing a series of the posts on some the rooms in the house. I’m going to try and pull some key pieces out of each room and see if I can find a replica for much cheaper, because we all know that movie sets cost thousands and thousands of dollars.  

Let's start off with the dining room.   Do you see that chandelier, isn't that a statement piece.... as my kids would say "pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny”. 

The original chandelier is called Cascade Luminaire from The Kenfield Company The cost is around $5,000.  It's pretty but not that pretty. lol  

Here's a replica chandelier, even though it doesn't look exactly the same it's very close.  The replica is called Drops of Rain from and the price is $599.

Aren't those dining room chairs great, the clean contemporary lines are perfect mix with the traditional table.  

I'm not sure who made the chairs but I found a similar one at called the Lancester KeyHole chair and the price is only $206 a pair.

I would love to be able to see that house up close and personal, wouldn't you?

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  1. can you believe i haven't seen this movie???

  2. You should definitely rent it, the house is pure eye candy.

  3. I'm trying to find a chandelier similar to the one in the front entrance of the Smith house. Do you have any idea where I could find something like that?

  4. Hi Anon, are you referring to the chandelier with circles?

  5. I found a dining room look a like chandelier at for $179.99 item#13689271. It's very pretty

  6. Watch yours mine and ours. its a house double


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