Things I'm feeling right now

I'm a sucker for KW's imperial trellis pattern.  Are these hand lined envelopes great?
Schumacher and Dempsey & Carroll have joined forces to create these limited-edition stationery.
It's a pricey, check it out at

Isn't this a hip light fixture? One of my favorite stores ZGallerie delivers again.  This would look great in a contemporary setting.

As I said before I currently have a slight obsession with the imperial trellis pattern (ok, maybe a big obsession), isn't this a clever little ottoman from the Cindy Crawford from her collection at JCPenney's and the price is just right - $150.

This little geometric bench is from Jeff Lewis's new collection from QVC.  A pair of these benches would great under a console desk or at bottom of the bed.

Did any of these tickle your design fancy?
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