Luxe for Less - Parsons Desk

I heart a Parsons Desk, it's really a great piece of furniture that can work in any home from traditional to contemporary.  It's a sleek, chic table with clean, straight lines. It also can work double-duty as a versatile entry console or office essential.

The Parsons Desk can also be very expensive but West Elm (l love this store) has a Parsons desk for a reasonable price of $299.

But Ahem, I love a good bargain and Overstock never disappoints.  They also have a desk comparable to a Parsons Desk and guess what it costs $170.  Love it!

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  1. This one does look pretty good. I heard there's also one at Walmart that's super cheap, too.

  2. Dayka, thanks for the heads up! I'm always happy to find a cheaper product.


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