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It's always amazes me how much lamps cost and I always tend to forget the sticker shock until I'm back in the market for a lamp. I've been on the hunt for a couple of weeks for a pair of lamps but I refused to pay more than $30 a lamp. When I finally found a lamp I loved and was under my budget, wouldn't you know it the lamp shade was RED. For one minute, I nearly didn't buy the lamp but then I figured I would like replace the lampshade but Ha Ha, the joke was on me, all the lampshades in the size I wanted was over $15. What is up with these lamp folks. After getting over the sticker shock of the price, I decided to revamp the RED shades and found out it was easy project.

While looking for my glue gun I also found a piece of burlap left from some curtains I made at my home and instead of buying fabric, I decided to see the burlap. I figured, heck if I did terrible job, the only thing it would cost me would be $0.

Here's the lamp after I purchased it from one of my favorite stores.... Home Goods

Here's a picture of the lampshade after I stripped the red fabric.

DRUMROLL PLEASE.........Here is the finished product, it really turned out better than I thought. I'm truly pleased, it was beautiful and FREE. Plus since the lamp was $25, I was under budget... Hey Baby!

What do you think?

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  1. What a beautiful lamp! You did a good job. I never knew that a burlap fabric can become useful to beautify a lamp.


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