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I used to love watching the design reality shows such as Flip That House and The Property Ladder because they really gave good insight on how home renovation can go horribly wrong or executed well to create a beautiful home. But since the housing collapse, those shows are not being produced anymore.

I started to watch Flipping Out on Bravo how noticed that it wasn't really about design but really about Jeff Lewis literally flipping out. If you can get pass the drama of the show, he's very talented and creates beautiful homes.

Take a look at his bathroom designs, although they're very luxurious you can adapt his designs for a reasonable prices especially using the designs with the white subway tiles.

Using black and marble tiles among the white subway tiles, breaks up the monotony and gives the bathroom a sophisticated feel.

The sink is not really something I would use in my home, but it is really a conversation piece.

He uses of browns and white gives this bathroom a timeless and sophisticated feel.

Here's another example of using a small amount of decorative tile with subway tile.

Here's a beautiful use of wainscoting which is also a cost effective way to renovate a bathroom.

You can check out his designs on his website.

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  1. You're right they really look luxurious. I think we can adapt some of his designs by preferring some alternatives for them. Thank you for sharing those beautiful designs.


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