Bedroom Makeover III - Ikea As-Is

I'm currently in the process of redecorating my bedroom.  So far I've painted and added lighting.  I've been searching for a sofa and although I do have a membership to Direct Buy and can get furniture at great prices, I'm always looking for a bargain.   During one of my visits to IKEA, I discovered this section called AS-IS. There is a little sign but you can really go through the entire store and not see it since it's off the side.

  It was while browsing the AS-IS section where I saw a sofa that looked  like the Pottery Barn sofa on my bedroom mood board.   The only thing was that the sofa was missing seat cushions and the price was $99.99.  I thought about it and decided against buying the sofa, and when I got home I started to kick myself about leaving the sofa. The next day during lunch I hightailed over to Ikea and Thank God the sofa was still there.  I know it was waiting for me.

After paying $108 (the tax man must always be paid), I nearly had to pay $50 to get it delivered, but the Ikea guy shoved it in my little SUV (ok the back was open and the sofa was sticking out).  Those Ikea guys are great!  Remember I was at work so I had to go back to work and park in the parking deck with sofa sticking of the car.  Folks were staring but after snagging my sofa for $108 I was doing the happy dance in my head so I didn't bother me at all.

It was also raining that day, but what's a little rain when you can a great bargain.
Can you imagine all the stares?  hahahaha

After dragging the sofa out of car and into my room, you could see that the slipcover wasn't in great shape.
Since the sofa was a slipcovered sofa, I bought a slip cover for $50 and I plan to get foam and batting to stuff the seat cushions.

I think I got a good deal especially since the regular price for IKEA sofa is $399 and the Pottery Barn sofa is $2,000.  What do you think?

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