Bedroom Makeover Part I

I haven't been blogging for a while and I wish I could say that I was sunning in Turks and Caicos or exploring the street markets in Paris but alas I've been working really hard and hosting family for the holidays.

During this time, I've been working on transforming my bedroom to a peaceful retreat. I'm still only 33% finished but I'm so proud to have to completed the painting portion and moved back in, I really smile everything I enter the room.

Here is the mood board that I created earlier this month for my bedroom.

Here's my bedroom before:
After we removed all the furniture the color really stood out and definitely not in a soothing way.

My design assistants:

The first step was painting which should have taken two days, it took three weeks since I got comfortable sleeping in the guest room and it required primer and two coats of paint. Thank God I had my painting tool so I skipped the taping part.

I used slate and silver sage paint from Restoration Hardware. My design assistants helped me paint, my son Storm lasted ten hours and my daughter Dream lasted two hours. Did I mention that the ceilings which were 12 feet tall?

Here's the partially finished product, I'm very pleased to say the paint color was a beautiful as the swatch.

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