Funky Home Decor Fabrics

Home Decor fabrics can cost a pretty penny especially when they're funky and a little edgy. I found this company located in Canada that has amazing retro and modern fabrics at amazing prices. If you're willing to make your own curtains or pillows this is a good resource for beautiful fabrics. If not the company offers custom design services and the prices are comparable to buying items from a big box store.

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Hotel Inspiration - Four Seasons Westlake Village

I had the opportunity to stay at the Four Seasons at Westlake Village.
It's a beautiful hotel with a traditional flair. Most of their rooms are yellow and even though yellow is a tricky color to use, they did a wonderful job. If you're thinking about a adding a yellow room in your house here's some inspiration. Enjoy!!

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Finding a substitute for Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble gives a homes a luxurious look but it can be really expensive and it requires some maintenance. I've found a beautiful substitute for Carrara Marble that's actually a porcelain tile. It's looks just the real thing and is less expensive. Check it out at the website below:

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I normally gasp when I see really beautiful furniture but sometimes a nice handbag or shoes can also make me gasp.
Below are some shoes I bought, they are Jessica's Simpson Salopen shoes and cost less than $100. Love them!!!

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Fall in Georgia

When I relocated from Poughkeepsie, NY to Atlanta, GA one of the things I missed was most was the fact that fall in GA wasn't a colorful as NY. This past week I took pictures of fall and even though the colors were as vibrant as NY, I did see some beautiful sites. Enjoy!

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Hotel Inspiration - Four Seasons Residences Toronto

The rooms below all have the right mix of luxury and modern furnishings to create amazing spaces. From the dining room with the amazing wallpaper to the sleek modern kitchen, the entire place screams luxury and class with a comfortable vibe.

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Design Inspiration - Mary McDonald Inc.

Symmetric design done well is extremely pleasing to the eye. Here are some photos from designer Mary McDonald (, her designs clearly show a love for symmetrical design. Enjoy!

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Etsy Finds

If you're looking for home decor try Etsy. It's a great resource for home decor products and the fact you can have custom pieces made for your home at inexpensive prices is a great plus.

Here's a small sample of the type of items found on Etsy.

Isn't this a beautiful pillow? This would be a nice accent piece among others on a bed. You can view it and others at :

Here's another pillow that would also be great an accent piece. You can view it and others at

This pendant shade is not only beautiful, it's also very affordable, you can see it and others at

One of most favorite finds is this trellis design pillow. It's a beautiful find and would look good in any home. You can find it and others at

Etsy also has great vinyl decals for your home, they're also much cheaper than the other stores on the Internet. You can these and others at

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