Paint Edging Tips

Painting is a lot of work and although I don't mind painting because it saves me money, I really dislike the taping part especially on high ceilings. Not only is it time consuming it can be expensive.

Some people recommend using a paint brush like the Purdy XL - Glide brush which is made especially for trim work or the Purdy XL - Cub which is great for tight spots. The only thing is you need a steady hand and you have to take your time in order to get good results.

Purdy Corp - The World's Best Paintbrushes: "XL - Cub™ Brushes"
Purdy Corp - The World's Best Paintbrushes: "XL - Glide™ Brushes"

Since I don't have a steady hand and I'm not very patient, the Shur-Line Edger changed my life.
I edged my entire kitchen using this tool and since I'm vertically challenged it was great and edging over the cabinets was a breeze. Plus, for less than $6 you get a huge bang for the buck. I won't be painting without it ever again. LOVE IT! Shur-Line 500 Premium Paint Edger: Home Improvement: "Shur-Line 500 Premium Paint Edger"

Here's some tips that make you use it better

  • Purchase extra pads, you'll need them if you're painting more than one day. I don't recommend you using the same pad the next day as the fibers will start shedding from the pad.
  • ALWAYS remember to flip the wheels before you dip it in the paint.
  • Have a damp cloth ready to clean off any paint along the back on your edger.

Happy Painting!

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