Kitchen Remodel in Progress

When I moved in my house, I inherited the most inspiring kitchen with the most beautiful wall paper.

Okay I'm lying, the kitchen is a good size but that's the only thing I liked about the kitchen.

The cabinets are Thermafoil white with white laminate counter tops with the busy ivy wallpaper and vertical blinds. The kitchen also boasts the most interesting light fixture. Although I'm all for saving money and reusing what I can reuse. This light needs a quiet burial..... sorry light.

I would like to rip out the kitchen and get a high luxury kitchen ( I think I hear my wallet laughing - oh shut up). I can't afford to do that so I'm going to do the work in phases.

The first thing to go was the wallpaper. Of course without the wallpaper it left the kitchen looking so white it blinded us for months, but it was 200% better than the wallpaper.

After living with an all white kitchen for a year, I decided to paint the kitchen because with grubby little hands the walls needed to be wiped constantly and frankly, it was getting on my nerves. Of course looking for the perfect paint color is no easy task and after a while of looking at paint chips you start getting more and more confused. Even white could be hundreds of whites.

Finally I found narrowed it down to gray, but I didn't want a cool gray. I settled on a warmer gray from Sherman Williams called Versatile Gray. It's gray with hints of brown, it's a creamy modern color that doesn't overpower the room. It's really a beautiful color and I'm going to definitely going to use it somewhere else in my house. Of course it took me forever to paint the kitchen (3 dang days to be exact) but it was so worth it.

I'm now looking a for a light fixture to replace the "interesting one", new blinds and accessories to get it the kitchen to an acceptable level until I can get the kitchen of my dreams.

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