Hotel Inspiration - Tokyo

Modern design can sometimes be cold but you don't have to compromise if want a modern home with warmth. Here's some inspiration from a hotel in Tokyo. It has clean lines, luxurious products and most importantly has a warm feeling. These rooms below will appeal to the masses and will last a long time. Enjoy

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Design Inspiration - Sarah's House

Sarah Richardson, a Canadian designer has a show on HGTV Canada where she does the ultimate flip. She buys a run down house in a good neighborhood and renovates it from top to bottom. The results are not only amazing but she throws in some cost savings ideas of course brilliant design tips that you can use in your own renovation.

Here's some shots of the finished house. You can see the show on Fine Living.

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White Bathroom

Bathrooms of today can be beautiful but really expensive if you're planning to renovate your bathroom don't discount a white bathroom. White bathrooms done well are classic rooms that can last for years without needing a major remodel.
Below are some white bathrooms that are truly inspirational.

Designer Inson Dubois Wood

Designer DiSalvo Interiors

Designer Des-Syn

Designer Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors Ltd

Designer American International Design Interiors

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Luxe for Less - Ghost Chair

Louis Ghost chairs have become stylish iconic pieces. They're very versatile so they're used outside in elegant affairs, in living rooms, dining rooms and anywhere a little style is needed.

The Louis Ghost Chair is sturdy and durable but virtually disappears in a room leaving a trace of elegance appearance.
The only draw back for me is the price. Ouch, I know it's stylish but it plastic people. Come on!
I did a search on the Internet and found this comparable chair at Overstock and the price for two chairs is 25% less than one. Happy shopping!

Kartell - Louis Ghost Chair - $410

Clear Acrylic Arm Chairs (Set of 2) "Clear Acrylic Arm Chairs" - $329.99

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Inexpensive Furniture Shopping

The web has some great places to find really good furniture. Buying investment furniture pieces can be rewarding but it can be also expensive. Here's a good source to buy second hand and new furniture pieces that can last a lifetime but at really good prices. Below are some pieces found on

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Inexpensive Furniture Shopping

Furniture can be very expensive but there are many ways to buy furniture on the cheap. A good place to find excellent furniture for unbelievable prices is a Hotel Liquidator. They carry beds, armories, sofas, chairs, art, mirrors, desks and more. They also carry mattresses but buying a used mattress from hotel has a little ich factor so you might want to skip that part.
You might also have to keep checking to find what you're looking for but you can't beat the prices. I took a little road trip to the hotel liquidator in my area and I found the following deals below.

With some reupholstering and cleaning these prices are a bargain.

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Hotel Inspiration - Hotel Plaza Athenee - Paris

My design taste is transitional but I can appreciate well done traditional design.
Here's some inspiration from the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris. Enjoy!

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Luxe for Less - Modern Chandelier

Modern lighting is more streamlined with beautiful clean lines but the prices can be quite shocking. I saw this chandelier in Restoration Hardware and loved the look of it and even though it was on sale it was still expensive. With a little research I found a comparable item at Overstock for less than half the price.

Rectangular Shade Chandelier: "Rectangular Shade Chandelier" - $449 - $629

Ventura Rectangular Chandelier "Ventura Rectangular Chandelier" - $209.99 and with a 10% coupon - $188.99

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Paint Edging Tips

Painting is a lot of work and although I don't mind painting because it saves me money, I really dislike the taping part especially on high ceilings. Not only is it time consuming it can be expensive.

Some people recommend using a paint brush like the Purdy XL - Glide brush which is made especially for trim work or the Purdy XL - Cub which is great for tight spots. The only thing is you need a steady hand and you have to take your time in order to get good results.

Purdy Corp - The World's Best Paintbrushes: "XL - Cub™ Brushes"
Purdy Corp - The World's Best Paintbrushes: "XL - Glide™ Brushes"

Since I don't have a steady hand and I'm not very patient, the Shur-Line Edger changed my life.
I edged my entire kitchen using this tool and since I'm vertically challenged it was great and edging over the cabinets was a breeze. Plus, for less than $6 you get a huge bang for the buck. I won't be painting without it ever again. LOVE IT! Shur-Line 500 Premium Paint Edger: Home Improvement: "Shur-Line 500 Premium Paint Edger"

Here's some tips that make you use it better

  • Purchase extra pads, you'll need them if you're painting more than one day. I don't recommend you using the same pad the next day as the fibers will start shedding from the pad.
  • ALWAYS remember to flip the wheels before you dip it in the paint.
  • Have a damp cloth ready to clean off any paint along the back on your edger.

Happy Painting!

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Children Rooms

Children rooms have evolved in more sophisticated rooms. Here are some of my favorite rooms... Enjoy

Designer Esther Sadowsky - Charm & Whimsy

Designer - New York Interior Design

Designer - New York Interior Design

Designer - Tumidei

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Kids Rooms

Kids rooms have come a long way, here's a mood board for an inexpensive children's room.

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Graphic Wall Bedroom

Wallpaper has made a big comeback especially large graphic patten wallpaper. However we all know that wallpaper is not only expensive but also a major commitment. In Lieu of wallpaper stencils are the next best thing. Sure painting the stencil might be time consuming but it is cheaper than wallpaper and is also a diy project.
Here's a mood board using a graphic pattern as wall treatment

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Hotel Inspiration - St Regis Atlanta

Luxury Hotels are great place to find decor inspiration. From contemporary to traditional the designs are always spectacular. Although we can't always afford all the luxury items, you can always copy the look for less.
Below are pictures from the St. Regis in Atlanta... Enjoy

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