Creating Art from Wrapping Paper

So I've been working on updating my powder room and I'm trying to keep the amount under $150.

Since I've already used $24 dollars on lighting, I have to be very careful how I spend the remaining amount. I've been thinking long and hard about wall decor and I was walking through Michael's when inspiration struck.

***Wrapping Paper***

Wrapping paper has come long way and not only is it cheap it comes in many different colors and textures.

Here's the wrapping paper I chose.

I also purchased a regular mat.

Along with an inexpensive box frame

And VOILA, instant wall decor which cost me $7.

(I did purchase the frame 40% off, you've gotta to love Michaels)

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Inexpensive Home Decor Idea

I truly believe that less is always more.

I really don't like a lot of cutter but in order to have a finished look, you will always need to accessorize so I'm always on the lookout for simple pieces that pack a large impact.

I was excited to find these beautiful bubble balls from CB2, plus the price is phenomenal.

They would look good in a silver bowl or load them up in
tall glass cylinder vase. These bubble balls will work for every room in your house.

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Inexpensive Home Decor Gift Idea

So you're going to a housewarming and you're stumped of what to get.

Here's an inexpensive idea, that you can use for your own house.

  1. Get an inexpensive basket from any craft store or from Target/Walmart.

  2. Shop around for good quality towels on sale. Home Good is a favorite of mine for really great towels.

  3. Roll the towels up and add them to the basket, like the one the picture above and viola instant gift.

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Updating a Powder Room

I inherited a red/gold powder room when I moved in my current home.

Since I really didn't spend any time in the powder room other than to clean it once a week, I was content to keep it as is. Then I went a lighting warehouse sale and snagged a quality bathroom light fixture for $24.

I got home and changed the out dated Hollywood light fixture then discovered that red wasn't painted behind the fixture. Dang it!!!

So now changing one light has now become a mini powder room makeover.

Since it's small room, I've decided to take some design risk.

Over the coming weeks I'll makeover the room and share the photos with you.

Good advice is always appreciated.

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Inexpensive Living Room

You don't always have to spend a lot of money to get a high end look.

Although I love IKEA, you can also get contemporary furniture at a reasonable price at many different places.

Check out this living room and it comes in less than $2500.

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Simple Wall Art

Today, I found a simple solution to a piece of wall art that can be placed anywhere.

It simple, beautiful and white. It also comes in black.

modern bedrooms from chiasso: "flower art - white $24"


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My Dream Bedroom

Below is the my dream bedroom if budget was no issue.

Click on the photo and enjoy

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Finding an Inexpensive Stylish Mirror

I started looking for a stylish mirror and was surprised to see how expensive they could be.
Seriously $1,000 for a mirror is definitely out of my budget.

I found a couple of mirrors that are very beautiful and more importantly very inexpensive.

Hope you like them too.

Target Reflections Arch Top Mirror - $31.48. Traditional, Classy and Inexpensive.

Target Galaxy Wall Mirror - $29.99 - Don't you just love it, you can beat this price.

Gold Sunburst Mirror - 24" - $69.99

Even though this mirror is a bit more than the other two, the effect is stunning and so worth it.

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